(2010 Piano Concert)

(2013 Young Artists Concert)

TK Brothers

(2010 Piano Concert)

Presentation - Kuni Migimatsu (= Takakuni Migimatsu) a senior student of The Branson School, Ross, CA, received 2013 Scott Chase Fellowship which seeks to foster intellectual and cultural growth and awareness in a student during the summer. Kuni did his internship last summer with the Saito-Kobo an electric wheelchair company in Japan and worked with engineers, learned how electric wheelchairs are developed and involved with donating used wheelchairs to developing countries.
May, 2009 - La Campanella .... Liszt
(Piano: Takatoki Migimatsu)


Toki performed a solo recital -- May 19, 2012 @ Sausalito Presbyterian Church, CA             (Liszt)


Vivace Charity - Toki (= Takatoki Migimatsu) and his Vivace team raised money for Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief. The tsunami caused by the magnitude 9.0 Tohoku earthquake on March 11, 2011 swept away thousands of people and uncountable number of homes, buildings, cities, towns and villages ...  
Toki's science journal - In April 2011 high school junior at The Branson School, Ross, CA, Takatoki Migimatsu received the prestigious "In Pursuit of Science" scholarship his school awards each year to one student who demonstrates an exceptional ability in science. He decided to use the scholarship to study robotics in Japan during the summer. Despite the Japanese college education system that offers no research program for high school students, Takatoki was accepted as an intern by two university research labs, one at Asada Laboratory, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, Japan and another at Onisawa Laboratory, Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering, Tsukuba University, Japan. His science journey started from Osaka on June 22nd, 2011 ... [Onisawa Lab's posting (Japanese), more pictures]
March 2012 - Toki was named as a finalist in the 57th annual National Merit Scholarship program for 2012. Congratulations!